Choose Chiropractic for a Long-Lasting Natural Headache Treatment

Written By Kabel Chiropractic on May 22, 2019

Man Suffering from a HeadacheHeadaches are one of the most common central nervous system disorders. Globally, one out of every 20 people suffer from daily headaches while migraines affect one-in-seven people.

Scientists have found more than 300 different factors that cause headaches. When you choose chiropractic as a natural headache treatment, your doctor will identify the source of your headache and develop a personalized treatment program focused on long-term relief.

Choose Chiropractic as a Natural Headache Treatment

Your skull, spine, and neck contain countless ligaments, soft tissue structures, bones, and muscles. The slightest bit of tension or nerve damage can lead to intense pain in other places such as your head.

Studies show that chiropractic manipulation and spinal adjustments are very effective for providing relief from painful headaches – and yes, even migraines.

These are the most common types of headaches:

  • Migraines
  • Cluster headaches
  • Tension or muscle spasm headaches
  • Medication overuse headaches
  • Post-injury headaches
  • Exertional headaches

Dr. James Kabel at Kabel Chiropractic will go over your medical history and ask about your headache patterns and symptoms. He will then order some x-rays to look for any herniated discs or skeletal problems that may contribute to your headaches.

Next, he’ll develop a personalized treatment plan to relieve your short-term headache pain and avoid recurrence of headaches in the future. Dr. Kabel will also explain some lifestyle changes and at-home exercises you can complete to take charge of your headache recovery.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Care in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Dr. James Kabel and the friendly team at Kabel Chiropractic have helped countless patients throughout the Highlands Ranch, CO community find relief from headaches and other painful conditions.

Don’t just take a pill and wait for the pain to go away – that could lead to medication overuse headaches. Choose chiropractic for a natural long-term treatment.

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