Herniated Disc

A herniated disc may be referred to as a bulging, ruptured, or slipped disc. Regardless of the terminology used, the back pain, weakness, and stiffness caused by that injury remain troublesome. You need experts who can treat it properly, and that’s the service our team at Kabel Chiropractic provides. Visit our office in Highlands Ranch, and let’s form a treatment plan that can serve as a lasting solution for your herniated disc. Herniated discs are unpleasant injuries that can completely disrupt your daily life.


How Do You Develop a Herniated Disc?

Found throughout your spine are discs that serve as cushions between your vertebrae. These spinal discs are made of two major components. The first component is the gel interior. The other is the solid outer shell. A herniated disc occurs when the outer shell keeping the gel interior in place gives way. The outer shell may deteriorate over time, allowing the inner material to squeeze through. The inner material may then press on surrounding nerves and other spinal structures, thus causing your back pain.

Aging makes the outer covering of the spinal disc more susceptible to cracking, but an external force causes the actual rupture. The external force may come from you lifting something heavy. Any direct impact on your back resulting from a hard fall or a car accident can also cause the spinal disc to crack.

Note that aging is not the only factor that makes people more likely to develop ruptured discs. Excess weight on your frame can also place additional strain on your spine, thus leading to the rupture. A smoking habit can also cause your spinal discs to weaken faster.

How Will a Chiropractor Treat a Herniated Disc?

You may be wondering how a chiropractor can treat your slipped disc. After all, it doesn’t seem like chiropractic adjustments can help move the bulging disc back to its intended position. Those unfamiliar with chiropractic care may think chiropractors can only use spinal adjustments to treat their patients. Of course, that is far from the truth.

While chiropractic adjustments can offer relief to patients reeling from the effects of a herniated disc, the chiropractor has a more effective tool to wield. Through the treatment method known as spinal decompression, your chiropractor can gently stretch your spine and create negative pressure. The negative pressure is critical because it can help the spinal disc return to its original position.

Get the Best Treatment for Your Herniated Disc

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