Lifestyle Advice

The Role of Lifestyle Advice

If you've read any articles or blogs about chiropractic care, you've probably come across the term "lifestyle advice." And if you're wondering why a chiropractor would offer lifestyle advice or what advice they might possibly offer, you're not alone. This can be a confusing topic for many, especially without an understanding of chiropractic care as a whole. That's why our team at Kabel Chiropractic in Highlands Ranch has put together this guide to provide clarity.


The Basis of Chiropractic Care

No matter your health and wellness goals - recovering from an injury, finding relief from chronic pain, or just being the best version of yourself - a holistic approach is key. This means that you are treated as a whole person.

The holistic approach utilizes various tools and resources to treat you from the inside out. And while the chiropractic methods used in our office are certainly important, what you do in your day-to-day life is also crucial. Everything you do can either contribute to a healthier, pain-free life or work against it. That is why we work to provide you with the tools and information necessary to ensure your daily choices and activities have a positive impact.

Types of Lifestyle Advice Provided By Chiropractors

Like every other aspect of your treatment, lifestyle advice is highly personalized. However, it typically includes some very critical areas.


Your body needs the best fuel to help you thrive throughout the day, fight illness, prevent and recover from injuries, and have the energy to do what you love. Additionally, some patients struggle with weight loss and, at times, gaining weight in a healthy manner. Our team provides nutrition advice to help you achieve your best health and your goals - whatever they may be.

Habits and Environment Changes

Often, health and wellness are impacted by things that we have control over. For example, pain and injuries occur in many people due to poor posture or poor lifting habits. Sleep is often negatively affected by beds or other aspects of one's sleeping environment. In such cases, we'll provide personalized recommendations for breaking unhealthy habits, building positive ones, and changing environments to be more conducive to health.

Overall Wellness

From mental and emotional stress to poor physical health, there are many factors that can impact your general wellness. As such, we typically provide stress management techniques, exercise guidance, and more to help you achieve optimal wellness in your life.

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